A Little Extra Padding And Online Dating

Forty million single individuals go browsing to online dating websites each month.

Chances are a few of these persons are jerks or lie about their look. We have all heard tales of gross misrepresentation. What the hell does a little bit additional padding imply anyway?

I went for espresso one time with a lady I met online. She described herself as lovely and blonde with a “little extra padding” on account of having a baby.

Beauty could be very subjective however the reality she considered herself as lovely was wonderful by me. After all, an individual must be very ugly for a espresso to grow to be insufferable.

Blonde was OK by me as properly, besides she forgot to say she purchased it. Actually she wasn’t actually blonde however extra of a light-weight shade of mud. A little additional padding is the place all of it got here off the rails.

Had I gone to a film with this woman, she would have struggled to squat her behind within the chair. Quite actually this woman had greater than a little bit additional padding. She was overweight instances three.

Don’t get me unsuitable, I’m not saying I’m good or in nice form. I’m 5′ 9″ and I weigh one hundred and eighty pounds. According to BMI calculations, I am on the high side of “regular weight” or the low side of “overweight.”

This lady was grossly overweight – not that there’s anything wrong with that. But the fact she lied about it, is what I found so offensive.

One of the sexiest women I have ever met was overweight. She could easily stand to loose thirty or forty pounds but she oozed sexuality. She was all class, well put together and the total package.

I have nothing against overweight people but I was expecting one thing and got something completely different. Because I felt as though she lied to me, I didn’t see blonde colored hair I saw mud color instead. I didn’t see beautiful, I saw ugly.

She seemed like a nice person but I felt she really pulled a fast one on me.

All of this could have been avoided if she had posted her picture. More importantly, I should have insisted on seeing her picture. I learned a very valuable lesson while having coffee that day. I now refuse to meet any woman unless I see her picture first. I’m not saying I’m all that but I think showing someone else your picture is a good start.

Across all online relationship web sites, it has been constantly proven that women and men who put up their image of their profile are much more prone to have contact from different members.

By seeing an image first, you actually can keep away from disappointment in a while.

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