22 Powerful Tricks to Get a Guy to Like You

Finding Mr. Right isn’t always easy.

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The conditions must be well matched so that you like each other at the same time, are available both individually and emotionally, have the time to devote to the relationship, and so on. However, this does not mean that you cannot help. Getting a man to like you results from a number of factors, such as making you physically appealing, staying relaxed, finding common ground, and turning him on naturally.

However, remember that this guy may not be the “end all and be all” for your happiness, even if you manage to get him to like you. Remember not to sacrifice the other things that are important to you in order to get his attention. However, as long as you have a healthy attitude towards your crush, the following tips should be helpful in getting a man to like you.

1. Train

When making a plan to get a man to like you, put working out at the top of your list. Exercise offers far more benefits than just losing weight. It also increases your flexibility, makes your skin glow, gives you confidence, and balances body chemistry. These are all qualities that your crush will appreciate. This plays an important role in looking sexy, as I explain Here .

2. Start As Friends

Friendship is the basis of every good relationship. Feeling comfortable with someone, sharing with them, enjoying time together… these are the defining characteristics of both friendly and romantic relationships. So it can’t hurt to encourage them with your man. Maintaining a friendship could make it easier to build something more later. So start there. However, if you find that you are already in love with your best friend, you may want to read this.

3. Choose Clothes That Fit

What’s the point of working out if no one can see your body? When choosing outfits, choose clothes that flatter your figure. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a little black dress and heels everywhere. It does mean, however, that you shouldn’t let your crush see you in the shapeless sweats and loose t-shirts you wear at home. Even if you prefer comfort, choose figure-hugging jeans and sweaters that show you off to your best advantage. Detailed tips on how to dress sexy Here .

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4. Use The Body Language

Getting a man to like you can be as simple as using the right body language. Hug warmly, sit close and keep an open mind. People who are nervous fold their arms, hug, lean forward and generally make themselves less approachable, so don’t.

5. Model Yourself After Him

You can tell a lot about a person just by looking at him. If your man wears a lot of workout clothes, chances are he likes the gym. Baggy black jeans and beanies probably mean he’s more of a skater. If possible, pick up on his interests and try to incorporate them into your aesthetic as well. Wear stretch pants or graphic hoodies depending on the situation. Don’t be untrue to yourself, but let him guide you, however genuine.

6. Boost His Ego

Everyone likes a compliment, and that includes guys. Just because they’re supposed to be tough and stoic doesn’t mean they don’t worry about how they look or don’t want to do well in school or don’t appreciate sounding smart in a conversation. If he makes a good point, dresses well, or gets a win, congratulate him. Your genuine approval means a lot and makes him aware of you as a source of good feelings.

7. Flirt

Flirting is fun and effective. So what’s not to like? Flirting shows your love interest that you hope he is interested too. Use light touches on arms, shoulders and legs and lean in for a moment here and there. However, don’t overdo it. The trick is to get him to want more, not to be so obvious that he has no chance of avoiding nicely. You can learn more about flirting from this detailed guide and these additional flirting tips .

8. Make Eye Contact

Eye contact demonstrates your confidence and interest. If you don’t want to appear shy or, worse, disinterested, be sure to catch his eye every few minutes. Even if you’re not talking, a cursory glance is a good way to show your intent. So don’t hold back.

9. Share Secrets

One of the best ways to get him to like you is to share a secret. Secrets bond people together and it’s a great way to get him thinking about you even when you’re not together if you give him something funny, spicy or even deep to think about. Just don’t go overboard when you first meet. Your deeply conflicted feelings about your best friend or past sexual experiments aren’t necessarily the best things to start with.

10. Don’t Be Too Serious

Seriousness has a time and a place, and for the most part, your off hours are not that time and place. When you’re hanging with your crush, maintain a light-hearted attitude. See the humor in little things, share jokes, and don’t spend a lot of time on your problems. Your guy will like you for it.

11. Make Nice With His Friends

If you want to interest someone, you must also interest his friends. If you can’t get along with them before you start dating, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to afterwards. Look for opportunities to spend time with his people, and then really get to know them.

12. Stick With It

Think about the radio: how often do you hear a song that’s awful at first, but after a few weeks you’re hopping right along? That’s because we find familiarity pleasant and comforting. The more we experience something, the more we’re drawn to it. So put yourself on his radar. Head to places where he’s likely to be, and don’t rush to get going. The more time you can spend together, the more he is likely to want to be with you.

13. Take An Interest In His Interests

Shared interests are a powerful bonding tool, but in the beginning you need to go his way. He may not know you well enough yet to care about your interests, so you need to focus on his. Let him talk about what he likes, and then pick one or two hobbies that you can get involved with. Whether it’s skiing, paintballing, or crafting handmade books from first editions, show initial enthusiasm, then go home and learn more.

14. Look For Novelty And Excitement

Wondering how to get a man to like you? Novelty and excitement could prove to be very helpful as they put you in a happy, open mood. More importantly, they put your crush in the same state, making him more likely to consider other novel possibilities, such as being with you. With this in mind, try to choose a date that is a little different from the normal ones. Here are 30 ideas for dates to get you thinking.

15. Use Sexual Innuendo

Sexual innuendo is the perfect way to prove your interest, but don’t go too far ( Here are 20 examples ). You don’t want to get off that easy, because then your guy might assume you treat everyone the same. Keep it simple with lowered eyelashes, light touches and breathless whispers if necessary. If you don’t want to use innuendo but want the same effect, consider sexual tension instead. This guide will show you how .

16. Cuddle Like 1999

Cuddling releases the love hormone oxytocin. Every time you have the chance, even ‘as friends’, cuddle to get your man to produce oxytocin, as this increases the likelihood that he will feel those warm fuzzy feelings that make him want to keep you.

17. Believe In You

Confidence can make or break a relationship. When you feel good about yourself and believe strongly in your abilities, you encourage others to feel the same way. On the other hand, if you appear anxious or insecure, you reduce others’ confidence in you. Project a strong belief in yourself, and your husband is more likely to see you as the powerful, capable woman you are.

18. Cultivate Inside Jokes

If you don’t know how to get a man to like you, try using humor. Inside jokes are one of the best ways to connect because they give you an easy way to connect in many different situations. Look for opportunities to forge a funny, light-hearted inside joke, and address it when appropriate. Don’t use them too often, though, as they can get annoying if overdone.

19. Disagree

If you’re wondering how to get a guy to like you, try showing a little backbone. Guys don’t love a girl who agrees with everything they say and has no opinion of her own. Today’s modern man likes a woman he can respect, talk to and get real advice from. Be honest about your views and opinions, because it can only help.

20. Do Not Play Too Hard To Get

Playing hard may not be the best way to get your man’s attention, although I consider it a tactic Here. Although there are many jealousy tactics in books and movies, in real life they usually send the wrong message, tell him you’re not available, and often make him give up altogether. While “forbidden fruit” may be sexually appealing, they are not the best way to encourage a man to invest serious interest in you. Avoid this approach.

21. Find Common Ground

This is closely related to being interested in his interests, but is subtly different because instead of just doing what he does, you can allow him to learn more about what you like as well. Be open to what you enjoy, whether it’s roller derby, hiking, or collecting stickers. You never know what will catch his attention. It could be that your nerdiest hobby is also his secret passion, and what better way to connect than that?

22. Tell It Like It Is

After a certain point, the best way to get him to like you might be to tell the truth. Although the above tips are great, he may not like you if he doesn’t understand them, he may be too shy to make a move no matter what, or he may just not be into you. For better or worse, Telling him the truth about how you feel can save you the pain of waiting forever .

Getting a man to like you can be as simple as making a few small changes to your attitude and behavior. The more time you devote to these tips, the more results you will see. However, always remember that a man should only be a part of your happiness and that even a man can’t make up for it if you forget to stay true to yourself. Keep a healthy balance between the two for peace and happiness.

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