15 Ways to Seduce a Man and Drive Him Crazy for You!

What is best ways to seduce a man? Seducing a man can seem like an insurmountable obstacle, especially if you’re not familiar with good flirting and seduction techniques. While I go into detail about flirting here, these techniques will teach you everything you need to know about seducing a man. Learning to be sexy and get a man interested in you is usually not an overnight event, but a process that involves a lot of fun back and forth. Follow these 15 simple and compelling tips on how to seduce a man and make him think of nothing but you.

1. Make eye contact with him frequently

One of the things a man is most likely to notice about you first is your eyes. Many men like to look a woman in the eye as soon as they meet her, even before examining her cleavage or assessing the rest of her figure. The eyes can communicate sexuality, mystery, and desire without a single word. Use this to your advantage by seducing him with frequent eye contact.

Be sure to look directly at him when he is talking, and at other times when neither of you are talking, and hold your gaze a second or two longer than is comfortable. This may be difficult at first, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

2. Wear clothes that flatter your figure

Seduce a Man

While many men are attracted to provocative clothing as a whole, you can make more of an impact by dressing to flatter your figure rather than dressing just to show skin. I talk about this in detail the guide on how sexy dresses your man here .

Whether you’re curvy or athletic, wearing clothes that fit you well (no matter how much skin they show or don’t show) is a great way to catch a man’s attention. If you have a great rack, play it up with a dress or top that shows some of your cleavage. If your legs are your best feature, wear a short skirt with heels.

Don’t be afraid to leave something to the imagination about what you wear when you seduce him. Show off All Your best assets at once can give the impression that you are ‘kinky’ instead of ‘playful’. If you show off your legs, make sure you wear a more conservative top and vice versa.

3. What is best ways to seduce a man? Smile!

Guys love it when a woman smiles. A genuine smile gets a guy’s attention and helps him focus on you and only you.

This is especially effective when you smile at something. Fake smiles don’t count – most people can spot them a mile away. Flash your pearly whites when you talk to him and show him that you enjoy his company and an all-around happy person.

4. Ask more personal questions and offer confidential information

If you’re talking about the weather or whose team has the best quarterback, you can only get so far with one man.

When you learn how to seduce a man, Try to ask more personal questions and offer more confidential information in return When you talk to him

For example, you could ask him what his favorite bedroom of all time is or what turns him on more than anything else. If you can work it into the conversation naturally, tell him personal things about you, like how much you like to dance with a man or what you like most about a man’s body. If you want to shift gears, then Maybe you want to try some of these dirty questions .

5. Use your body language to convey your interest

Your body language can show a man that you are more interested in him than anything you say.

Use your body language to your advantage when seducing him and let him know without a doubt that you are into him. Not only can you make eye contact and smile, but you can also face him when you talk to him, or you can just lean in to him a little. If he is into you too, he can start mirroring your body language and address you in the same way.

6. Don’t throw yourself at him

Most men are turned off by women who see them as ‘desperate’.

Throwing yourself at him and showing an inappropriate level of interest (obsessive instead of playful) can have the opposite effect of seducing him. It may even drive him away before you have a chance to do anything else. Show your interest in him in a flirtatious way, without being overbearing, instead of being all over him.

7. Touch him often

When seducing a man, be sure to touch him often in subtle ways. For example, you might place your hand briefly on his knee while he is talking, or lean over to whisper in his ear while gently brushing your lips over it.

This is one of the most powerful tools you can use to figure out how to seduce a guy. Make sure it appears accidentally or lightly when you touch him. If you touch him constantly or do it in a way that is not natural, he may be turned off or feel like you are suffocating him.

8. Get him alone

When hanging out with friends, leave him alone for a few minutes or longer.

Suggest going to the bar to order another drink together, or challenge him to a one-on-one game of pool. Leaving him alone not only gives you more freedom to flirt and seduce him, but you can also get him in the mood for whatever you have planned next without being distracted.

9. Send sexy snapchats or text messages

If you have each other’s numbers, you can make it easier to seduce a man with sexy text messages or snapchats. Create your own little world with him by flirting via text or send him provocative (but not too revealing) photos via an app like SnapChat to get the photos deleted.

Text him and let him know you’re thinking about him, or send him a photo of you chilling by the pool. This can spark his imagination and get him going in the right direction. You can learn how to send powerful dirty text messages in this guide here.

It may also turn you on.

10. Don’t be afraid to get awkward

Awkward silences and situations can be one of the most interesting – and effective – ways to stir up sexual tension with a man.

Instead of trying to fill an odd silence, let a few seconds pass to create a bit of sexy nervousness as you seduce him. You can also create awkward situations by brushing against him as you walk by or “accidentally” dropping something in front of you and bending over to pick it up. Learn more about sexual tension here .

11. Have fun without him

This may sound counterintuitive, but have fun Without The man you are interested in can have a positive effect on his attraction to you.

If you show a man that you are independent and can have a great time when he is not around, it says two things: You don’t need him to have a good time, and you are desirable to others. Seducing a man means more than just being super sexy – it also makes him think about you when you are not with him.

12. Let him work a little, but not too much

Most women know that men like to chase a woman. However, they don’t want the goal to feel impossible to achieve. Many men respond well when there is enough space to chase a girl. While you still feel that the end is within reach . that is, he has a chance with you.

It’s okay to make him work a little for your time or affection when seducing a man to increase his anticipation, but don’t make him bend over backwards for little in return. This turns him off rather than on.

14. Show confidence, not insecurities

Men love confidence in a woman. Everyone is insecure to some degree, but showing him this side of you can have a negative effect on his attraction to you.

So try not to talk about how much you hate your butt, or ask him if your outfit makes you look fat. Leave negative thoughts about yourself, your job, and your family at home and bring out your best when learning how to seduce a man.

15. Be positive and don’t forget to laugh

Not only do you want to show him confidence instead of insecurity, but you also want to make your conversation with him positive. Avoid bitching about work or the boyfriend who double-crossed you last weekend. Many men are more interested in “half-full” girls and may avoid women who bring them down with their negativity.

Instead, chat about how much fun you had at the last party or how excited you are about your new move.

In addition to the tips above, learning how to seduce a man is also about experience. As you develop your ‘game’ by seducing new people, you will learn what works and what doesn’t, and further your own flirting style. By adapting seduction techniques that have proven to be very effective and discarding those that don’t seem to work so well, you can establish a seduction style that is all your own and fundamental.

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