The 9 Mistakes That (Almost) All Christian Singles Make – And What to Do About It

Some individuals seem to have issues straightforward. They do not face the identical struggles common individuals do.

But for the overwhelming majority of single women and men I’ve come throughout, the story is totally different. It’s been a steady battle and they’re fed up with the one life and the dating recreation.

Years in the past Dr. Neil Clarke Warren, founding father of, made the statement that thousands and thousands of singles would love to get married – however provided that they might dwell fortunately and endlessly with their companions.

And the reality is:

The entire irritating, exhilarating, maddening, loopy recreation of dating has left many confused, baffled and hopeless.

This is difficult to swallow for many Christian singles.

Once they’ve at all times been informed that so long as you reside an honest Christian life and look presentable that you’re all set.

It ought to break your coronary heart to see that many have been residing decently for years however they’re all of the sudden waking up to uncover that whereas they’re quickly approaching the proverbial age of 40, the hope of a contented marriage appears to be receding like a mirage because the years go by.

Why is that this so?

There are 9 lethal errors that the majority singles are making in a determined try to meet and quiet down with their godly partner.

*** Mistake #1
Having idols within the coronary heart

This is without doubt one of the biggies. Please pay shut consideration right here. In the Bible, something that takes the place of God in your coronary heart is an idol. God needs to have first place in your life. When it comes to the difficulty of a godly partner. HE has already stored His greatest for you. And you will have to go to Him in prayer to discover out.

And herein lies the hazard.

If you go to God along with your thoughts already made up about somebody you need and you then simply ask Him to “rubberstamp” your desire for you by asking Him to present you if that particular person is your godly partner, you’ll probably hear the voice of your personal feelings echoed again to you and NOT actually God’s voice.

In this case, God may even say YES if He sees that in your coronary heart of hearts you’ve got already made up your thoughts!

The Bible really says that in the event you come to God with an “idol” in your coronary heart He will reply you in accordance to what you will have in your coronary heart.

*** Mistake #2
Ignoring your car of future

Your car of future is a sure ability, expertise, attribute or reward that God has given you by way of which He will ship His greatest in your life, together with your godly partner.

For some it’s hospitality. For others it’s the milk of human kindness. For others it’s the means to be persistent within the face of all odds.

Yours might be non secular or bodily.

Maybe the power to sing. Or assist others in in some way. It is meant to be your most dominant attribute. But in the event you do not acknowledge it and make full use of it, most of your blessings will probably be passing you by.

We see a very good instance of this within the Bible after we learn the fascinating story of a younger lady known as Rebekah and the way she obtained related along with her godly partner.

*** Mistake #3
Continuing to interact in any type of intercourse exterior marriage

The Bible says clearly that our physique is the temple of the Holy Ghost. We are warned towards all type of sexual exercise exterior marriage.

When you violate this important non secular precept, you actually give the devil license to put you in a non secular cage. No one can discover you. Or suggest marriage.

You might nonetheless be strolling round – as stunning as ever – however within the non secular realm the devil has already written one thing like “Not Available” proper throughout your brow.

*** Mistake #4
Being unaware of the thriller of non secular marriage

There is one thing known as non secular marriage. So many singles who’re unable to get married within the bodily are already married to sure spirits so far as the non secular world is worried.
You can have a clue in the event you recurrently have intercourse within the dream, or get up feeling sexually aroused.

*** Mistake #5
Getting into ungodly associations

Ungodly associations equivalent to consulting with astrologers, mediums, witches, occult individuals can lead you into forming soul ties with such individuals. What’s worse, they will plant a non secular system in a person to monitor her wherever she goes. And when something good is about to occur to that particular person an alarm is activated within the spirit realm and invisible powers are shortly assigned to abort it.

In the precise case of marriage and relationships, if and when the particular person occurs to meet their godly partner, an announcement goes out within the spirit realm to make sure that the connection is disrupted.

*** Mistake #6
Ignoring unbroken covenants

A covenant is an settlement binding on two or extra events. Some might be generational. Others might be because of one’s current actions.

There is a very vital hidden covenant that does not get talked about all that always. You want to concentrate on it when coping with the topic of your godly partner.

It is named the covenant with the primary sexual accomplice.
A hidden however very highly effective covenant is fashioned with the primary particular person you had intercourse with. In reality it’s a covenant of blood – very cussed to break. And it could possibly hinder many from getting married.

*** Mistake #7
Dismissing the topic of unholy dressing

When Christians insist on dressing just like the individuals of the world, they find yourself attracting the undesirable consideration of spirit beings who’re enamoured by their attractive dressing… and demand on following them round within the spirit, combating over them similar to people would.

Many singles praying for a partner might find yourself driving away their God-ordained partner unintentionally as a result of these invisible powers following them round need all of them to themselves with none competitors!

*** Mistake #8
Ignoring the actions of evil manipulators

There are matchmakers within the non secular world. Most of them evil. Their job is to present counterfeit spouses. And manipulate individuals out of the need of God.
Now, the Bible clearly warns towards being unequally yoked along with unbelievers – in 2 Corinthians 6 verse 14.

*** Mistake #9
Leaving unbroken curses in place

Many singles at this time come from cursed households or communities … the place individuals by no means keep married, separation and divorce is the order of the day, and so forth. Even in some households, all the ladies by no means get married. Or marry late. Or have damaged marriages.

Such individuals want to spiritually separate themselves from such backgrounds.
And then start to pray in earnest.

*** Prayer for a Spouse

There is a 9-step prayer blueprint for christian singles who’re excited about prayers to discover love.

Here’s a abstract of the steps concerned:

  • Step 1: You want to deeply repent of those errors and ask the Lord for forgiveness.
  • Step 2: Appropriate the atoning sacrifice of the blood of Jesus.
  • Step 3: Identify and cope with satanic entry factors.
  • Step 4: Break and resign all ungodly relationships and associations.
  • Step 5: Violently challenge a invoice of divorce within the spirit realm.
  • Step 6: Bind and forged out evil plantations out of your physique.
  • Step 7: Command evil non secular deposit to be flushed out of your life.
  • Step 8: Execute judgment on cussed powers that refuse to allow you to go.
  • Step 9: Learn the 17 focused prayers for Christian singles dating.

Whether you’re a Christian at present dating or not, or whether or not you be a part of a Christian singles dating web site, there are prayers for singles that you need to be praying to discover the love of your life. As you cope with the errors defined right here, the Lord will transfer you from single to married sooner than you could possibly ever think about.

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