Secret Men’s Dating Technique #7 – The Art of Disqualification

This lesson will train you all about disqualification. Disqualifying your self to a woman principally means placing up a barrier, a cause you guys cannot speak or no matter, between you and a woman. Use disqualifiers instantly to get her to love you.

Barriers (disqualifiers) are superior at creating attraction. Go try some romance books, romantic films and even Shakespearean love sonnets. in all of them, you may discover a cause why the person and girl principal characters cannot be collectively.

Barriers additionally make it potential to “escalate” your interplay with the lady. As an experiment, exit and inform a chick you wish to have intercourse along with her earlier than kissing her after which inform a special one you are not going to have intercourse along with her earlier than you attempt to kiss her. I’ll wager you may guess which one will work and which one will not.

Make positive that the disqualifiers you give are at all times capable of be overcome ultimately. One nice disqualifier is saying to a woman that you simply by no means date girls you meet in golf equipment. A not so good disqualifier is telling a lady that you are a homo! If you are homosexual, she will’t recover from that hump. Your disqualifiers have to be straightforward sufficient for women to beat.

When utilizing disqualifiers, make it possible for the girl is aware of that you’re flirting along with her. After you employ a disqualifier, if she thinks you do not like her, you might be doing it completely unsuitable.

Another factor to recollect is that after you employ a disqualifier, instantly transfer on to the following matter. Don’t sit there and have a 20 minute dialog about why you do not date ladies you meet in bars. Only keep on the subject if you wish to escalate the interplay.

You can escalate the interplay by combining a disqualifier with some sexually suggestive or escalation feedback. One of my favorites is “Its really too bad that i don’t know you well enough to tell you what I’m thinking at the moment”.

When disqualifying, keep in mind to maintain smiling and you might also wish to know or contact her on the similar time so as in order that she is aware of that she nonetheless has an opportunity to get you.

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