Visa Processing In Germany: What Is An Invitation?

Citizens of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan need an entry visa to travel to the Federal Republic of Germany. Today, we will tell you about the document necessary for issuing a visitor’s visa (a visa for a private trip). Those who are already familiar with the list of […]

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Maria: “Why I Like Living In Germany”

Maria Sh. changed her life drastically at the age of 52: she met a German man, married him, and moved to Germany. It took time for her to meet her man: time of “online dating,” meetings, disappointments, time to gain experience and to understand what she wanted from a man and a relationship. As a […]

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Moving To Germany: Integration Courses

The integration system in Germany consists of two stages: German language courses with an examination to obtain an official certificate confirming the level of German language proficiency; Integration courses, where the basics of democracy, German history, legal and economic knowledge are mastered. At the end of the integration course, you have to take an examination. […]

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Facts About Germany

Some interesting facts about Germany: Stores are closed on Sundays and public holidays in Germany. Escaping from prison is not a criminal offense. In Germany we are convinced that the desire for freedom is one of man’s basic instincts. However, the lack of criminal prosecution does not apply to other crimes committed while escaping from […]

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