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Are You Serious About Finding a Husband?

Unfortunately, we have begun to notice that many ladies make demands on dating sites, on men (don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that!), but the “behavior” and manner of dating ladies does not speak to the seriousness of their own intentions. Men have to wait days or even weeks for an answer, and […]

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Which country's man is right for me?

From Which Country I Need To Choose a Man?

“Unsimilarity, like resemblance, may be the cause of mutual attraction” Emile Durkheim Lovely ladies, in this article we challenge you to think about your desires and goals, and to compare your expectations with your actual experience of dating foreigners. Based on our experience we can say that the mistake of many ladies is to transfer […]

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Svetlana and Danielle

Svetlana and Daniel

“Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,I hope that I have met my one and only. Thank you very much for a good site!” Daniel (Germany) Her name is Svetlana and we found each other on the international dating site MeetKing. You could say that I made the first step. I expressed my sympathy to her and after […]

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Marrying an Austrian: Wedding traditions in Austria

Marrying An Austrian: Wedding Traditions In Austria

Austria loves and honors its national traditions. Nowadays, people in the countryside, unlike those in the big cities, follow many of the traditions of their ancestors with great enthusiasm. Austrian wedding customs bear a strong resemblance to the wedding traditions of the southern regions of Germany. Many wedding rituals are about strengthening the family union […]

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Marrying a German: Integration in Germany

Marrying a German: Integration in Germany

When moving to Germany out of the goodness of your heart, it is important to remember that the romance and novelty of the first months of life in the new country eventually give way to routine. In order for a woman who married a German and moved to Germany to feel confident and comfortable in […]

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Irina And Ralph

We met on MeetKing. After we expressed our liking for each other, Irina wrote to me first… Later she said that she liked my profile and, and to quote her words: “she couldn’t let pass me by”. 🙂 At first we wrote daily messages to each other on your site. It became clear quite quickly […]

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Anastasia And Martin Found Each Other, Fell In Love, And Got Married

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we want to thank you. With the help of your dating site we found great love, we found each other. We met on your site on 04.02.2018. I wrote to my (as of today) wife and from that day onwards we kept in contact every day. The journey to be together […]

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Olga and Nico

On April 2018, I met Nico on the dating site MeetKing. We both had experience with dating sites, but it didn’t lead to anything serious. Honestly, I assumed it was hard to find your man on dating sites and was skeptical about it. But, as it turned out, in our case everything happened at the […]

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Darya And Gunter

Dear ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you because Gunter and I got married on August 19. We met on your portal and since then we have been together and we are very happy. Thank you for this opportunity to be happy, which we received from you! Best wishes, Dasha and Gunter Lately I […]

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